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26 June 2021

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Sat 19 Jun 2021

About us

Dear Supporter,

One in 25 people are homeless, as revealed in the latest national statistics released by Shelter.  This equates to more than 268,000 homeless people across England, and even this number is a shadow of the reality as a ‘conservative estimate’ with many more expected to be going unrecorded.

Within our local area (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland) it is estimated, using our own intelligence that 250 people last year slept rough on the streets for an average of 5 nights, with no support networks to alleviate this. In the nine months to 30th September 2017, our Homeless Transitions Service alone rehoused 120 people whilst hundreds of other homeless people were supported across our different services.

Working for the community since 1993, based in Loughborough, our mission has been to develop sustainable housing solutions to individuals and communities through partnership, empowerment and good practice. Within this, we strive to prevent and relieve homelessness by tackling many of the underlying causes. 

The homeless reality is not about ‘bad behaviours’. It is a complex issue which destroys lives and leads to poverty, great hardship, isolation and death. Individuals and families at risk of homelessness may also experience a variety of disadvantages alongside their housing issues, including social exclusion, mental health problems, alcohol and substance misuse, and domestic violence. Our holistic approach seeks to encourage people to recognise and begin to tackle the often multiple and complex, underlying problems they face.

To continue on our journey to prevent and relieve homelessness, we ask that you take part in the Charnwood Lottery to support us with the delivery of our services to those most in need.

Thank you and good luck!

With best wishes,


Mr Peter Davey

Chief Officer

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